Mrs.Deborah Scoular

Mrs.Deborah Scoular, a volunteer interact with the children of Tebet Orphanage

Anyone with an open mind and a caring soul can be a volunteer. No special skills are required, you can work according to your ability. It’s not what you can do and how fast you can do it – it’s about being part of the process. Whether you want to get involved in teaching, art, crafting, music, cooking, or just helping out in general and interact with the children, Tebet Orphanage is the right place for you to contribute your life skills.

As part of a team, you can make a positive difference in the community and change some lives for the better, have lots of fun and create life long memories.  If you are interested, please send your CV by email to: relawanrmd@gmail.com

Note: Please can you email or call us to let us know when you’re planning on visiting us, just in case we have something else planned for that day. Thank you!



“I would encourage anyone with a few spare hours in the week to think seriously about volunteering to teach in or visit RMD one. It is so rewarding to meet these young people with such positive attitudes to life and learning. The warm welcome received each week makes it all worthwhile – even after the time spent in traffic getting there. “

Mrs.Gilly Weaver,  CO-Director , ANZA Social Welfare


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