panti_asuhan_tebetThank you for supporting us in the past and for helping us in the years to come

With 45 children in our care, the orphanage has many needs. There are a lot of mouths to feed, bodies to clothe, health and education to provide – so your support will greatly assist in changing a child’s life. We accept no assistance from the government so we are truly grateful for your help! Our everyday costs are for food, health, education, wages and building maintenance. None of our achievements would be possible without the ongoing generosity and support of our values members, sponsors, and individual donors. We love donations, in fact our programs  wouldn’t exist without donations as they are vital to our work. All make a virtual contribution of cash, goods, services, or knowledge which has resulted in 2013 being a successful year in term of the number of beneficiaries that RMD has been able to assist. We sincerely hope that we can continue to work with you in the future. Please don’t hesitate to give, no matter if the amount is small or large, it’s all much appreciated.

We cover almost costs, therefore very little from your donation will be used on administrative costs. We try to allocate most of your donation directly to the children whenever we can. Your donation will be applied to one of the programs. If you would like to specify a particular program to receive your donation, just feel free to talk about it.

Cash and Material Donations

Tebet Orphanage is searching for additional sponsors in order to cover the steeply increasing operational cost. The increase occurs due to increasing inflation. We welcome your support, either as a one time or as a periodic cash contribution to our bank account. For those who donate over US $1000 (Rp.11.850.000,-)  will have the opportunity to be involved in the decision making process about on how the money will be spent. We also accept goods or materials.

The Transparent Use of Fund

scan-audit-bigThe important thing of our transparency is that the financial report of our foundation is always audited by a certified public accountant. It is to make sure that the money is not falling into corrupt or abusive hands. We do this as we believe that the transparency is a key to build mutual trust. By doing this, we hope a feeling of trust has been established among us, the donors, and the communities receiving assistance.

Donors will receive a confirmation of the receipt of the donation.



Here Are Some  Great Ways to Donate…      

  1. Direct to our bank account                        
    You can make a donation direct to our bank account.
  2. In person                                      
    Call in and see one of our staff and bring your donation with you. We can receipt you on the spot. We’d love to see you!
  3. By Post
    Post a cheque or money to: Jl.Tebet Barat Raya/Gg.Keamanan I Rt.14 Rw.01. No.57, Tebet Barat-Jakarta Selatan. Indonesia (post code: 12810)

Our Bank Account:


On behalf of  Yayasan Remaja Masa Depan

Account Number 124.0035.88888.3


On behalf of  Yayasan Remaja Masa Depan

Account Number 025.01.23933.00.4


On behalf of  Yayasan Remaja Masa Depan

Account Number 6270155152

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