Build A House


gambar_rumahAll the energies of our foundation has been focused on the building of a new orphanage. The new building will be able to house more than  45 children with a safe home that provides nutritional food, quality education, and a sense of family. It will not be used only as an orphanage, but also for any other activities of Remaja Masa Depan Faoundation such as: a free of charge tutorial program, music studio, computer training, library, hall, playing ground, and classes.

It is on three floors. The first floor  is 200 meters, the second floor is 200 meters, and the third floor is 200 meters. Totaly, it will take an area of approximately 600 square meters. The total estimated cost to build is 255,000 USD (the estimated cost will increase if the oil price in Indonesia rises this year). This is not a sudden plan. We have planned this project and saved money for 10 years (since 2004).  We realize that our project sounds like a dream, but we hope someday our dream will come true. If there is a will there is a way. All praise is due to Allah, in March 2014 we purchased a 300 meter piece of  land in Tebet Regency, South Jakarta. After purchasing this land, we do not have any money left to build a new orphanage.  We rely on coming donations to build. Please, do not let me save the money for 10 years anymore. We want to build a new orphanage building as soon as possible.

There are five reasons  why we need a new orphanage building

  1. At the moment children staying in three separate buildings, one is for those under 11 years old, the others are for gilrs and boys aged 11 to 18. Because the distance among these buildings are 75 to 100 meters, it is hard to control children
  2. One out of three building is a rental house.
  3. Not spacious enough to accomodate  up to 45 children. Even we dont have playground and special room to take care of those who are sick
  4. Dirty and a lack of sunlight which is not good for health
  5. These three buildings stand on the state/public land. Once the government needs this land, the government will demolish our orphanage.
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