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What is Remaja Masa Depan (RMD) Foundation?

RMD Foundation is an Indonesian civil society organization located in Jakarta whose principal purpose is to advocate and empower orphans, neglected, abandoned children, street kids, dropouts, and child labors. It works toward the liberation of the child from the suffering caused by working on the street, dropping out of school, and living with no families, no parents, and no home. Our beneficiaries are not only children, but also their families.


RMD Foundation was established by two volunteers on 19 July, 1999 in Jakarta, when Indonesia was hit by the severe monetary crisis, which especially affected the poorest levels of society and the most vulnerable people, namely socially disadvantaged children. At the moment, the number of street kids, dropouts, orphans, child labors, neglected, and  abandoned children tends to increase year by year. The problems faced by them are overwhelming and their plight hard to imagine. They are the most needy people and the least assisted. Most of them reflect an imagine of deprivation, misery, suffering, neglect, and even torture. They do not have any access to adequate nutrition, clothing, housing, health services, and aducation services. Their daily lives are likely to be far removed from the childhood envisioned in the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Their Presence elicits emotive public concern, has been given considerable media coverage, and has become a matter of priority for national and international child welfare organizations. Concerned about their future, RMD Foundation provides many social programs. As time went on, the number of requests for assistance received by RMD Foundation increased, from the small to the relatively large. For this reason, RMD Foundation needs much more donations to keep it running. As we stand together we can make a difference.


For the implementation of the best interest of the child.


To empower the lives of orphans, street kids, dropouts, neglected children, and child labors to be clever, skiled, and self-sufficient


Giving a better future to socially disadvantaged children, especially orphans


  1. The best informal school (out of school education ) in Jakarta
  2. The winner of Indonesia DM Competition sponsored by The World Bank
  3. The best Public Learning Center in Jakarta.


  1. SK Menteri Hukum dan HAM RI
    Nomor : AHU.3044.AH.01.04 Tahun 2010
  2. Akta Notaris Edwar,SH
    21 tanggal 25 November 2008
  3. Surat Izin Dinas Sosial Provinsi DKI Jakarta
    Nomor : 72/PSAA/U/04/2012
  4. NPWP (Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak)
    Nomor : 02.906.819.4-015-000


 No. Program Beneficiaries  Indicator Expected Result
1 Orphanage 45 socially disadvantaged children in which most of them are orphans & ex-streetkids Providing  orphanage with a family atmosphere home Behavior and attitude are more positive
2 Income generating program 50 Entrepeneur poors Providing credit access to the entrepreneur poors Improvement on their families’ income
3 Vocational Training All children in our orphanage Providing vocational trainings such as;computer, driving, accounting, workshop, etc Most of graduates work
4 A Free of Charge Tutorial Program Poor children Running a free of tutorial program 100% of students Passing national exams &  accepted in state school
5 Scholarship Smart poor Orphans Children Giving montly money to cover all school fees Achieving Bachelor’s Degree
6 Music, Sport, & Tour Children who stay in the orphanage Providing Music Studio, offering children to do sport they want, & go on a picnic twice in a year Children are more healthy, happier, and feel fresh
7 Character Building Children in the orphanage Character Building Training Children has great character and positive behaviour/attitude
8 Social Aid for the Community Poor children and poor families who stay outside of the Orphanage Doing some social activities in the community Reducing the burden of poverty
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