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Caesar poses with Children of The Tebet Orphanage

Thank you for showing an interest in the plight of the world's children and the work we do! The needs of Indonesia's socially disadvantaged children have been largely forgotten, yet they remain vulnerable. The scale of the problems facing them are so large and it is hard to know how to help. But change can be achieved by changing the mindset: these are not someone else's children, someone else's responsibility - if we each take responsibility, if we each commit to giving a little of our time and of ourselves, the socially disadvantaged children can be given their childhood's back.

The Tebet Orphanage of Remaja Masa Depan Foundation aims to improve the lives of Indonesian children who have been orphaned, dropouts, abandoned or neglected and provide them a home, education and opportunities to thrive. It is to gain equal opportunities to face their brighter futures. However, you have a lot in common with them. They are not separate from you. They have the same emotions, needs, and human rights as you.

We are here to bridge loves between you and our children who stay in the orphanage. We would like to see every person take responsibility. Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers are currently working so hard. Please use our site to learn all about who we are and what we're doing. Take time to see the ways in which you can be a part of our work too. With your help, making a difference can be achieved.




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income generating program

Income Generating Program

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Vocational Training

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Sport, Music, & Tour

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Character Building

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A Free of Charge Tutorial Program

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80 poor widows who stay near Tebet Orphanage receive basic food such as rice, noodle, sugar, wheat, cooking oil and new clothes every Eid Mubarak Day

Social Aid for Community

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